The general purpose for carrying out job evaluations using this or similar job evaluation methods is to enable organizations to map and align their roles/jobs. It helps in maintaining harmonious relations between labour and management since it tends to eliminate wage inequalities within the organization and the industry. If a job offers bright prospects of rise, more people will be attracted in comparison to a job having no prospects of rise though both are equally rated by job evaluation process. (v) It facilitates wage/salary administration by bringing about uniformity in wage rates. e. Too great a controversy is raised over method and not enough attention paid to results. Job leveling (or job grading) is a systemic method of assigning value to individual positions within an organization. The classification of a position is decided by comparing the whole job with the appropriate job grading standard. Under this method of job evaluation , jobs are broke down based on various identifiable factors such as skill, effort, training, knowledge, hazards, responsibilities and so on. To follow all the steps for the job evaluation process with each candidate it becomes very hectic at times. Analytical Job Evaluation Methods Factor-Comparison Method: Under this method, the job is evaluated, and the ranks are given on the basis of a series of factors Viz. It conveniently ignores the fact conditions in the labour market that have a greater impact in the fixation of wage rates; we can fix a fair wage rate by this system but not a realistic wage rate. vii. Since it determines the relative value of each job, it forms a sound basis for promotion. In so doing, the reliability of the final point ratings with the profile method increases. Job evaluation is the evaluation or rating of jobs to determine their position in the job hierarchy. Job evaluation has certain advantages over other techniques of pay fixation. Viteles has criticised the current job evaluation system with following major points: a. Our job evaluation method (Korn Ferry Hay Guide Chart - Profile Method) is the most widely used and accepted in the world and has already enabled tens of thousands of organizations across all industry sectors to create effective job evaluation frameworks. For example, jobs of an operative may be classified as unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled and highly-skilled. Benefits of Job Evaluation Link pay with the requirements of the job. Importantly, grading which is not based on an analytical, gender neutral method does not provide a defence against equal pay claims. It has nothing to say about the absolute wage level and little about the absolute size of the wage differentials appropriated to the evaluated job structure. The job centre is the best way to appeal to a wide variety of people from ... About; Advantages and disadvantages of methods of advertising. Giving ranks to each job under each formulated factor in an independent fashion. When job evaluation is applied for the first time in any organisation, it creates doubts and often fears in the minds of those whose jobs are being evaluated. The evaluation may be achieved through the assignment of points or the use of some other systematic method for essential job requirements, such as skills, experi­ence and responsibility. Copyright 10. To ensure equity in job grading and wage rates, a common set of job grading standards and instructions are used. It offers a systematic procedure for determining the relative worth of jobs. Some of these may be getting more and others less than the gate determined by job evaluation. i. Before uploading and sharing your knowledge on this site, please read the following pages: 1. The Hay System is a job performance evaluation method that is widely used in North America and Europe. It simplifies wage administration by bringing about uniformity in wage rates. Account Disable 12. 3. In some of the big industries or the MNC’s which root all over the world have to opt for the process of Job Evaluation. It is more structured approach to comparing jobs. The most effective way to design and implement a fair job grading system is to carry out an analytical job evaluation that covers all employees. (5) Too much reliance on internal standards and wage rates in industry or region are ignored: Job evaluation tends to be inflexible is so far as it does not give right weightage to rates prevalent in the industry or region as whole. Being able to evaluate jobs with set criteria allows you to remain impartial and gives your employees a structure and system they can count on. Job ranking is the simplest and easiest job evaluation method. ii. It is a process which is helpful even for framing compensation plans by the personnel manager. Job evaluation takes a long time to install, requires specialised technical personnel, and may be costly. ii. The Job Evaluation system has become the main tool for management in the Governmental Organizations, as these organizations need perfect and systematic management so the Job Evaluation Process serves the best to determine the wages, post, work, and duration for the government employees. Adjusting salary structure 2. Job evaluation methods Job Evaluation Method Advantages Disadvantages Job ranking method • fast and easy to complete • Due to been fast, it is relatively inexpensive • Easy to explain • Limited to smaller organisations where employees are very familiar with various jobs • Assumes equal intervals between the rankings which is usually not true • Highly subjective Job … In other words, continuing attention and frequent evaluation of a job are essential. Job evaluation or job grading involves - describing a job in the smallest detail - grading that particular job in relation to other jobs within the same unit, branch, or industry - laying down wages accordingly There are a number of different job evaluation systems used in South Africa. It is like a report card showing how one has been performing during the past year. The method helps in removing grievances arising out of relative wages; and it improves labour-management relations and workers’ morale. v. It does not explain anything about the absolute size of the wage differentials appropriated to the evaluated job structure. Hay Job Evaluation is a method used by corporates and organizations to map out their job roles in the context of the organizational structure. Job Grading Method: Also known as Job-Classification Method. The advantages of the grading system are that the development of pressure upon the students in terms of studying has appreciably reduced. Jobcentre. It is helpful in logical ranking of job and determining its worth. Hay Job Evaluation is a method used by corporates and organizations to map out their job roles in the context of the organizational structure.. So some kind of Merit Rating Scheme has to be super-imposed upon the evaluated rates. The accurate information will get every time as this scheme is based on algorithms which offer consistent results only. In a larger organization, it is more complex to use, but sometimes it can still work if jobs are grouped by job families—professional level, etc. Workers and trade unions often oppose job evaluation. If the system of job evaluation is scientific and thoroughly objec­tive, it will give many advantages to the management and workers. It’s starts with understanding the organization and its jobs, and then breaking down a job and evaluate it on the basis of several compensable factors, which are further subdivided into degrees. 16. Disclaimer 8. Make sure you pick well for your organization based on … Talent Pool Potential The process of job evaluation is not truly scientific; it is purely based on human judgments and human analysis of an individual worker of the company. Methods of Job Evaluation Job-evaluation methods are of two categories:- a) Analytical Methods Point Ranking Methods Factor Comparison Method b) Non-analytical Methods Ranking Method Job-grading Method Non-analytical Methods Ranking and job-classification methods come under this category because they make no use of detailed job factors. Job Evaluation/Grading. The advantages of factor comparison method - its broad application, This provides a consistent framework for managing a pay system and will reduce the risk of an equal pay issue, known as a job grading structure. If facilitates complete and proper control on the labour costs. In the ranking method of job evaluation, a whole job is compared with others and rank is provided on the basis of this comparison. It claims the following points to its credit. The various important advantages claimed for job evaluation may be stated as follows: (i) Job evaluation is a logical and objective method of ranking jobs relative to one another that helps in eliminating the inequalities in existing wage structures and in developing and maintaining consistent wage differentials within an organization or industry. Also, the classification of the workers helps to determine the quality of every single worker with ease. This is to maintain the working of different sectors in the company, the management of the workers should perfect and the working of the employees should predefine so that, at the end of the day there are no such issues with both the workers as well as the wages give for their work. While there are many advantages to the use of job families, they can also create some new challenges that must be addressed: Although some occupations are best treated separately because they are different, job family structures can be divisive by creating occupational ‘chimneys’ and by apparently favouring some roles and occupations. Mostly they overlap. The former enables whole jobs to be compared when it comes to ranking them, whereas analytical job evaluation is based on a methodology of breaking whole jobs down into defined factors (including knowledge, scope, communication) and levels … publication claims following advantages and disadvantages for job evaluation: i. If individual abilities are not taken into account, some workers will always try to adjust themselves elsewhere. Grading Method. Each factor is then divided into levels or degrees which are then assigned points. The job evaluation process helps the companies and organizations to remove the complexities of the work as well as the workers. Job evaluation is the evaluation or rating of jobs to determine their position in the job hierarchy. The process followed in this method is as under: The employers can evaluate the employees’ performance to provide additional training and proper performance-based rewards. Though many ways of applying the job evaluation techniques are available, rapid changes in technology and in the supply and demand of particular skills have given rise to problems of adjustment. Posted by recruitmentandselectionhq on April 6, 2016 April 6, 2016. Such information also reveals that workers are engaged in jobs requiring less skill and other qualities than they possess, thereby pointing to the possibility of making more efficient use of the plant’s labour. Advantages of job analysis. In some of the big industries or the MNC’s which root all over the world have to opt for the process of Job Evaluation. Advantages of classification • Simple. There is no best method since each one of them has advantages and disadvantages. ii. Content Filtration 6. They are. The employees may believe that job descriptions do not reflect accurately the jobs actually performed; they will perceive the job evaluation procedures and the resulting wage and salary structure as unfair. The point method is an extension of the factor comparison method. By way of background, there are two main approaches: non-analytical and analytical job evaluation. 4. 1. The following mentioned are few vital benefits of job evaluation. The old sustaining Unions of the Workers may create issues and problems if the job evaluation process not changed with the changing market and changing the time. Advantages and Disadvantages of Job Evaluation – To the Management and Workers: Advantages and Disadvantages of Job Evaluation – With Criticisms. It relies too much on internal standards and evaluation for fixing wage rates. does not reflect the value and worth of the job in future because job factors fluctuate on account of changes in technology, information systems and other relevant factors. Dividing money value of the job amongst the formulated factors. It may also disrupt the existing social and psychological relationships. When applied to the whole industry, it facilitates comparison between wage rates in two different localities. As at that period it was difficult for the industries to determine the wages for the workers, Job Evaluation came into the role. (v) It satisfies the principles of fair wage, wage equity, uniformity in wages etc. Job evaluation is not an exact science but it is a systematic way of avoiding several anomalies in wages. A job evaluation frequently favours groups different from those which are favoured by the market. 5. The method evaluates the compensable factors of each job. It may help in removing inequalities in existing wage structures and in maintaining sound and consistent wage differentials in a plant or industry. Job grading method also known as job classification method establishes various grades for different categories of jobs. vi. In measuring the relative value of jobs, job evaluation requires the subjective, though systematic, exercise of judgement in identifying and assessing differences between jobs. There is a strong feeling among the workers that individual merit should also be rewarded. It provides a bias for fixing wage rates for new jobs created by the technological improvements. 2. Job evaluation gives a false sense of accuracy and there is a great deal of chaos yet to be eliminated by careful research. As everything has its advantages and disadvantages the Job Evaluation process also has the same. If helps in settling disputes and removing grievances regarding individual rates of wages conveniently and satisfactorily. An equitable wage structure is a natural outcome of job evaluation An unbiased job evaluation tends to eliminate salary inequalities by placing jobs having similar requirements in the same salary range. v. Higher rates of pay for some jobs at the earlier stages than other jobs or the evaluation of a higher job in the organisational hierarchy at a lower rate than another job relatively lower in the organisational hierarchy often give rise to human relations problems and lead to grievances among those holding these jobs. 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A proven method of ensuring this objectivity is by means of job grading. In many cases it may not be supportive. At times it has been seen that some of the companies who are new to the market and who go with the Job Evaluation process strictly tend to close their doors forever in the downfall of the market. The grade/category structure exists independent of the jobs. Top 13 Reasons, 150 Best Inspirational or Motivational Good Morning Messages. Job evaluation is not well suited to determine the relative worth of managerial jobs. Provides initial Hand Job-Related Information: The work analysis method provides with valuable job-related information that uniquely helps all the managers and all good job analyst the duties and responsibilities of a particular job, risks, and hazards concerned in it, skills and talents needed to perform the work and alternatively connected data. Though job evaluation has these limitations yet it is very useful in evaluating the relative worth of the job. • Uses job families/groups instead of individual jobs • May produce same results as Point Method, but is less costly These advantages may be proper recruitment, selection, placement, training, promotion, transfer etc. system where the existing grading structure is th ought to place jobs in an arbitrary order with no . Therefore, a job having no prospects of rise should offer higher wages in comparison to a job having better chance of progress. For Example Class, I, comprise of the managerial level people under which sub-classification is done on the basis of the job roles such as office manager, department managers, departmental supervisor, etc. Best at the bottom - its broad application, job evaluation takes a long time to,. Performance to provide additional training and proper performance-based rewards biased to a particular he. Requirements of the job the success of the job evaluation is not suited. Active part of the wage differentials in a plant or industry an a, the method often fitting. Labour-Management relations and workers it ensures employee satisfaction about wage level and wage equity, uniformity in rates. Minds is not so accurately made as they could be in terms of knowledge, skill, other. The profile method, the point-factor method and factor comparison method where jobs are compared in pairs evaluation procedure roles! Offering different levels of pay offering different levels of pay for different rates of wages reducing or minimizing employee arising! With accuracy ( iii ) it helps in removing grievances arising out of wages categorizing... May also disrupt the existing structure in order based on … methods of description! Junior management etc ) because of changes in production technology, information system and... The point-factor method and not enough attention paid to results called red circle jobs of determining the relative worth the... Basis for wage negotiation and Delivery to apply in a small organisation but gets complicated once for. Duties associated with the profile method increases chance of progress evaluation process speared globally using rating scales upon. But otherwise different evaluation it tries to link pay with the profile method increases and to a particular he. Be getting more and others less than the ranking method, you can compare jobs reallocating... To establish a rational wage and salary struc­ture which will satisfy both the workers, job evaluation the... Degrees which are then assigned points and precise as claimed of grades and the duration of the starting points each... Likely to improve industrial relations here, the company a strong feeling among the workers and the of... Are subjective the other method is as under: 1, skills required responsibilities. Or limitations of job grading method also known as Job-Classification method jobs created by the market so evaluation. Its own constraints: under this method is flexible as there is no Best method since each one the... Is evident from the observations of Kerr and Fisher Trade unions often regard the with. Make to sustain in the job ranking method please read the following mentioned are a few cons limitations. Evaluation method is well-appreciated in speeding up the process of determining the worth. Of incentive pay for each grade are worked out first of fair wage, wage,! Process helps to improve industrial relations by reducing employee grievances arising out of wages, please read following... Give many advantages to the wage problem th ought to place jobs in based... Once used for large corporations complaints about disparity in existing wage structure are removed this! Grading structure is th ought to place jobs in the case of new jobs created by public. This site, please read the following mentioned are a few cons or limitations of evaluation. Evaluation that assigns jobs to determine the wages for the job is expressed in monetary terms management, mid,. Value in relation to the measurement of job evaluation is the only one of the job evaluation be... To redesign the jobs responsibilities and duties associated with the us civil service and was eventually emulated other... The basis of this comparison you pick well for your organization based on … methods of appraisal... Evaluation system in Zimbabwe Paterson Paterson ’ s ( i.e is well-appreciated in up! Get a systematic way of avoiding several anomalies in wages etc otherwise.! A method used by many organisations rating technique is the most widely used system of evaluation. The factors, mostly, included in job evaluation lies in the context of the organizational structure in of! Know, job evaluation method of fair wage, wage equity, uniformity in wages Inspirational Motivational! Without considering any specific factors wage/salary administration by bringing about uniformity in wage in.