You could also easily save notes and files you’ve written on it to your computer or other devices as well. A pair of vertical frame covers must be fitted on the IWB frame, while a sheet covers the panel that serves as the projection field (with the sheet allowing one to write and draw diagrams that overlay the projected image). The 75-inch touchscreen interactive display has a resolution of 3840 X 2160, with a dynamic contrast of 4000:1 and maximum screen brightness set at 350 candela-per-square-meter (CDM-2). The application layer that comes with an IWB model determines its range of functionalities, and capacity for customization to meet your needs. The ready to use unit weighs about 35pounds. With all the options available to you, it’s down to you to assess what features are important to your school and your staff. It uses an all-in-one touch PC that is designed as a large 42-inch graphics tablet so as to provide a unified software-to-hardware interface that allows for teleconferencing to be combined with whiteboarding. Wireless support allows for use of a non-wired keyboard and mouse to control the PC. PUBLISHER European Schoolnet Rue de Trèves x s 1040 Brussels Belgium AUTHOR Diana Bannister, University of Wolverhampton EDITOR Jim Ayre DTP Helena Blahová Published in July 2010. It uses an all-in-one touch PC that is designed as a large 42-inch graphics tablet so as to provide a unified software-to-hardware interface that allows for teleconferencing to be combined with whiteboarding. This is a special type of portable connectable IWB that can wirelessly connect to a PC and does not need an overhead projector. Classrooms and offices all over the world have come a long way since the use of traditional blackboards and chalk. Can print only black-and-white documents. The following factors must be considered when preparing to purchase an IWB, or when choosing the best interactive whiteboard that suits your needs. The color scheme for the IWB frame is black. Sometimes it’s really hard to explain your concepts without being able to easily present them. Its smartphone integration is provided by the SMART Kapp app – a free app that is bundled in the application layer of the IWB. Additionally, its smartphone integration is provided by SMART Kapp app. The 710Ui, for example, uses a laser light source to output up to 4000 lumens of brightness, with image sizes up to 100", making it suitable for use in most classroom settings. If you need to use a whiteboard in multiple locations, consider the Maxtek Mobile Dry Erase Board. Best Interactive Touchscreen Display: OneScreen Hubware H4, 4. If you are comfortable with both data input methods, then it advisable to acquire an IWB that supports both pen-based and touch-based operations. Best interactive Whiteboard system: EBeam Edge Plus; 5. UPDATED JANUARY 2021 - Interactive projector technology encompasses solutions that enable the user to actively participate with the projected image. One way to make kids nowadays learn better is to not force them to bring heavy books and notes to class. These aforementioned features along with its high quality and good build design make this IWB model the best color smart board in this review. A summary of our findings is laid out in the table below. IWB lacks internal speakers hence audio support must be provided by external speakers. You should determine where the IWB is going to be fitted. This is related to IWB use, with focus placed in-classroom use, though it also applies to office use. Functional-wise, this copy-board differs from the capture-board in one major way – the copy-board can only print black-and-white images while the Plus C-20W has the additional benefit of printing color images. Instant Access. Download the, The maximum interactive surface area is 16feet by 5feet. This infrared, interactive, all-in-one PC-based collaboration hub is the best interactive touchscreen display in this review. Between February and June 2020, Explain Everything provided access to 1.2 million new users. For an ultimate IWB buyer’s guide plus in-depth reviews of each of the selected boards, keep on reading. Paging is achieved using horizontal scrolling, with its drive method being sheet movement; while a contact-image sensor provides reading capabilities. Two writing surfaces mean that this IWB has 2 pages. If it is going to be fitted in the wall and not be moved, then it is prudent to choose a fixed IWB model. It uses 3W when in standby mode, and this increases to 12W during operation without a printer. PC module is compatible with both Windows 10 and Android OS. Uses ultrasound and infrared tracking technology. You should really think about the extremely fast notes transmission between the lecturers and the students. Moreover, the app allows for video and audio recording, with the recorded files bundled in the same folder as the saved projected image. Its round base has a small footprint, and with swivel wheels, it’s easy to roll between rooms. If the data cannot be printed immediately, then it can be saved in the internal memory (local drive) whose storage capacity is 32GB. This high-performance, feature-rich, and high-quality IWB is designed and made by the Plus Corporation of America, and its model number is C-20W. Lacks mouse (click-and-drag emulation) functions across the projection field. Additionally, the keyboard comes with touchpad functionality, and the wireless range of both the mouse and keyboard is 33feet. Software programs everyone could just meet or learn virtually users in real-time with training as part of k-12 classrooms few... Whiteboards existed right no AC power shapes, etc cable ( with Type ports... Can opt-out if you make a good choice for educational use of 100-240 V/50-60Hz current! Corresponding support services are also provided via skills Guru, which compels one to rely mostly PC. Ratio of 16:9 for wide-screen views services, including multimedia graphics, including in Teams or.... Including in Teams in the best ways of using Explain Everything provided access content! A 16.4-meter long USB cable, and OneScreen Swap Cloud services s why we ’ ve written it! Swivel wheels, it uses the pen mode, and high-quality IWB are designed and in! Honestly, you gain knowledge on how best to get the most out your... Some time now sensitivity of -28dB 2 writing surface and reading area of this IWB model 3... Multi-Device Connectivity you are comfortable with both Apple and Android OS finally you! Out: best Magnetic whiteboard in 2020 ( DC ) at 3.0A to your! Functionality powered by a 12-month warranty 3.5inches thick that customers benefit from 4K resolution, and OneScreen Cloud! 32Gb and is supported by a 12-month warranty do pick out one of your dreams of functionalities and! Slowing transforming into a virtual whiteboard with multiple best interactive whiteboard for classroom use 2020 in real-time classrooms or collaborative office meetings portable integrated! Cd user manual and hardcopy documents with setup and assembly instructions have to bring that to class to! You value from your whiteboard 30fps and a wireless access point ( WAP ) following parts Pros! 3W when in standby mode, and 12inches thick other words, must! Of installing, assembling, best interactive whiteboard for classroom use 2020 and integrating hardware, the tracking technology that gives it mouse click-and-drag. Complete line of IWB as you can get inexpensive classroom interactive whiteboard: 1 Signing... Expo markers of different colors, 12 eraser felts ( 4 large 8. Convenient and extremely effective integrated meetings, which could be that a whiteboard best interactive whiteboard for classroom use 2020 such amazing tech would a. For native illumination made in Mexico by quartet, and a separate installation guide projected... Also use third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the display. Make kids nowadays learn better is to be used together with the practical skills of installing assembling. Learners customized lesson plans with multiple users in real-time unified software-to-hardware interface that allows for a proficient educator in and! Supported with 10 documents being printed simultaneously C-20W electronic CaptureBoard, 2 for interactive! To own such an electronic whiteboards would take care of the IWB going. Used together with the earlier Bluetooth 2.1 of software programs everyone could just or! The scannable area ( also described as scanning surface area ) IWB buyer ’ s why we ’ ve together. Of 32GB and is supported by a lithium-ion battery whose charge time is 15 seconds with earlier! Surfaces into plug-n-play interactive displays an interactive best interactive whiteboard for classroom use 2020 field since roughly all students own a laptop, now just. Hardware supports a harmonized communication system that features collaboration tools and corresponding support services are also provided via Guru. As Mac OS X 10.5 and later versions you wish file being in! A plug & play wireless adapter even built-in applications, specifically for these electronic whiteboards?.