A physician contract lawyer will ensure that your document details all of the key terms. In this article, our physician contract attorneys offer the top physician contract … I was very pleased with his work. Did you need a physician contract lawyer? You either need to ask your employer to make these changes, or you need to accept the terms in the way they were originally written. Can you find another job and relocate in 30 days or 60 days? However, as the contracts are generally drafted in indulgence to the employers it is better to have the physician employment contract review with an attorney who has experience and expertise in dealing with such matters. It can end after a predetermined period of time or once a specific obligation has been met. Three hours of phone consultation time with your attorney to walk through each contract draft with you, explain the effect of revisions and responses to revisions, answer any questions, or address any concerns. Unlike other firms, they 100% are focused on contracts. Call us at 1-888-254-7310. To protect your legal rights and financial interests, it is highly recommended that you work with a skilled professional. In drafting a contract, ambiguous terms and fuzzy language should be avoided. This lawyer said he only charges residents a max $300. Houston Physician Contract Lawyer offers physician contract review for doctors & medical professionals,physician contract resolution & contract negotiation. Because it is a contract between an employer and employee, the physician employment agreement should clearly detail the terms for all involved parties. Our number is 919-296-8508. All rights reserved. Philadelphia Health Care Lawyers of Michelman & Bricker, PC Negotiate Enforceable Physician Employment Contracts. For those who want to use the full power of a healthcare lawyer, we also offer contract negotiation and drafting services. Copyright © Negotiating a physician employment contract is a deeply complex process. Our breadth of experience, regulatory knowledge, and foresight enable us to handle matters involving: Is he or she required to bring his or her own equipment? When a private practice wants to hire a new physician, but they don’t have the capital to pay the new physician’s salary on their own, they often partner with a hospital to fund the deal. Click on a heading for more articles ⇒ In this article, I look at the essential terms of a physician employment contract and a physician independent contractor agreement. We have offices in Morris County New Jersey & New York city, but can help you if you live anywhere in the United States. Professional Liability Insurance – A comprehensive PEA should mandate which party is responsible for maintaining professional liability insurance, the amount of coverage required, whether it has to be occurrence or claims made insurance, responsibility for "tail" coverage, et cetera. We work on a flat fee basis, regardless of how much time it takes to get the right contract for you and will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the services you receive! You need to find a good attorney in your area. Moxy Law focuses on challenges faced by physicians and physician practices. Show oldest on top Show newest on top. We maintain completely open lines of communication, with every contract review you have 24/7 access to your attorney, even well after the contract is signed. I'm looking for a recommendation to review my already accepted/signed contract. Physician employment and independent contractor agreements. Just as there are physicians who specialize in different aspects of the practice of medicine, there are lawyers who specialize in reviewing physician employment agreements. The attorney assigned to my contract was obviously knowledgeable about physician employment contracts, and the laws that applied to my contract, both for New York and federal laws. Comprehensive Medical Contract Services. Negotiating a physician employment contract is a deeply complex process. Hire A Physician Contract Attorney To Safeguard Your Interests Before signing the contract, as a Physician, you need to be clear about what is written in the contract. Raleigh, NC 27609. Multi-draft review. Even things that seem like common sense, such as keeping medical licensure current, should be outlined in the PEA. Resolve offers the #1 rated physician contract review and negotiation team, as rated by your fellow physicians. You would be contacted before any scheduled negotiation and updated after each negotiation to ensure you are kept abreast of developments as they occur. Mr. Gunn has personally handled more than 600 physician employment contracts. He regularly teaches residents and fellows and edits the chapter on physician employment contracts within the Law of Medical Practice in Illinois. I put together a great team of lawyers and benefit advisors to provide a great deal of value to our physician clients. Elements of a Complete Physician Employment Agreement. Ultimately I got a much better contract than I would have got on my own. A law firm focused on representing healthcare providers and professionals in Georgia and South Carolina in business, compliance, audits and business litigation. What Can We Do For You? Whenever possible, engage a contract specialist lawyer familiar with the hospital or practice offering you the job. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling the issues most commonly contested in physician contracts, such as compensation, termination, assignment of employment duties, restrictive covenants, and paid time off. This way, you … To learn more, please CLICK below. Be sure the wording of the contract represents exactly the agreement you made. Whether it is through increased compensation, better work schedule or student loan repayment, your physician contract attorney can tailor the full … At The Prinz Law Firm, our medical contract lawyers in Chicago have experience in Physician employment arrangements.These arrangements may take many different forms, and agreements present unique issues for consideration and negotiation. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling the issues most commonly contested in physician contracts, such as compensation, termination, assignment of employment duties, restrictive covenants, and paid time off. 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