Thank you very much!!! If the visa is exempted for a spouse of a Romanian citizen then you will not need one. Without further ado, below are my thoughts and review on the best online dating site in Romania so that you can get started on searching for a potential significant other in this fine country.. © Copyright 2014 MAE. [for the required supporting documents, click Because in mentioned documents you you written that there must be visa on passport of foreigner spouse. - this type of long-stay visa is granted to third-state nationals who are bound to exercise liberal professions on the territory of Romania as regulated through special legislation. Categories of third-country nationals considered as students: third-state nationals accepted for full-time course of studies by a state or private higher education institution that is accredited or temporarily authorized according to law, including for participation in a license programme (Bachelor's degree), in a postgraduate programme (Master’s degree), in a PhD or postdoctoral studies programme. no other third-country national has previously obtained a right of stay for this purpose, within the company concerned; iv. here], The short-stay visa for cultural, scientific and humanitarian activities, as well as short-term medical treatment or any other activities that do not breach Romanian laws (marked C/ZA) Do you have a Bulletin? romania visa fees, C- a short-stay visa ( it means for tourism, for business or treatment) D- a multiple-entry visa (it means you can be in this country longer than 90 days) Tourist Visa to Romania. I really appreciate it and will make sure we do. I have one question, but first I would like to thank you so much for this very helpful guide, I’ve learnt a lot more important things I also need. Does anyone know how long the certificate of non inpediment is valid for at the city wall from when it was issued? All the best to you. Shouldn’t the divorce decree and letter of no impediment suffice? Being the nation’s capital and with minimum resources in the country, that wouldn’t surprise me at all. ALSO HE HAS RESIDENCE IN ITALY AND PASSPORT. Romania Visit Tourist Places. In the past, this blood test checked for many different diseases but as it currently stands, after many changes to the law, that the test currently only checks each partner to find out if they have syphilis. The Number 1 for legal Online Marriages. The blood test results (know as the “buletin de analize”) are only valid for 14 days after having them done. here], The short-stay visa for business trips (marked C/A) I just got mine from the embassy yesterday. People partaking in the following types of activities in Romania may need to apply for a long-stay visa. If parental rights are exercised in common, the approval of the second parent is compulsory in order to achieve the family reunification requested by the sponsor. The long-stay visa for employment can also be issued to third-state nationals who travel to Romania for employment as seasonal workers. Some assistance would be greatly appreciated. You can only get a residence permit after you are already in Romania, which means there are prerequisites My original birth certificate and letter of impediment, do I need to get both the original and translated copies apostille and notarized. To do this, is also the solution. My state is going to say, that this isn’t in English and they can not place the stamp because they can’t read Romanian. [for the required supporting documents, click Get the documents from your home country. Hey Gulliver, I am a Filipino citizen and my boyfriend is Romanian.. We are planning to get marry in romania soon.. My problem is, there is no Philippine embassy in Romania. If neither you nor your future spouse has a family doctor in Romania, you can ask the clinic that did the blood test where you can take them to get them certified. Hi, I believe your Romanian passport stating American domicile might not be sufficient to prove you’re a Romanian citizen. General Information on Romania’s Visa Regulations in Preparation for UEFA EURO 2020. I was thinking we would need to do that in Singapore because the divorce certificates were issued there. I’m from Belize and I am planning to marry my fiancé from Romania. Good luck! We went to get married in Romania. Aside from that, everything else in the article stands. – this type of short-stay visa is issued to third-country nationals who wish to travel to Romania, for a limited period of time, in order to partake in occasional sports events. Would i need to travel to South Africa to change the Passport or can it be done in Romania? I am in the USA and I got the Apostille stamp on my birth certificate and my Divorce Decree. The matrimonial regime you and your spouse wish to use must be selected at the time you submit the marriage declaration. - this type of long-stay visa is granted to third-state nationals who intend to travel to Romania in order to carry out activities in the field of acknowledged faiths, upon request. Romanian long stay visa shall be granted to the foreigner, upon request for a period of 90 days, with one or multiple entries. here], The long-stay visa for other purposes (marked D/AS) If you are the foreign citizen marrying a Romanian citizen, you will need all foreign documents translated. you are in Romania with short-stay visa or visa / right to stay conferred by diplomatic or work visa, you have a right of residence for work as a seasonal worker or an au pair worker. Not sure what certificate you’re talking about? Thank you, if that’s the case then that would make the process even smoother. We plan to spend our lives in his country Romania. Your family/relatives might need visa’s to come visit Romania from India, go to this website, click the “Get Informed” tab, and enter the information in the box to see if a visa is required for them. Each state has a competent authority (generally it is the office of the Secretary of State in the state where the document was issued). Hi Good evening I am azan from pakistan i have a queation how to marry with romanian lady,my girlfriend came in pakistan for marry me and whats others documents we should apply in embassy for travel together back to romania and how much time it will take in allow us visa Thank yu please reply back yur kind answer. There are 3 different options to select which have different governing rules that will be used if a divorce occurs. Generally the single women from Romania are honest and, as I already said, feminine. Most churches will want you to have the civil ceremony done first and for you to have paperwork that you are married before they allow you to marry in the church. Thanks so much for your amazing reply! Assets which are acquired during the marriage are also owned individually by the spouse who acquired them. The allure of Romanian mail order brides is simple. [for the required supporting documents, click National Romanian Identity Card (Bulletin) or Passport (if domiciled abroad). Would we need to have two sets of blood work, one for the initial submission and one before the actual ceremony? Good Luck! The documents will need to be compiled together into a dossier and submitted in person at the city hall. The separation of assets regime is the one which gives the biggest amount of individual rights to each spouse. [for the required supporting documents, click Therefore, if your grandfather/grandmother was born in Romanian territory 80 years ago but immediately fled/left and no one in your family has been back since, you’re still “Romanian” in the eyes of the Romanian government.Furthermore, Romanian territory includes parts of the world that are not part of the modern state of Romania today. [for the required supporting documents, click here] when they apply for the visa, they are not associates or shareholders in the respective company, or in another Romanian company and they did not exercise such functions throughout the last 2 years; iii. here] My fiancé is from Romania and I’m from South Africa, we are planning to get married in Romania in December. The matrimonial regime is the agreed upon terms that will establish the division of assets, debts, and property of two individuals whose marriage later ends in divorce. here]. Also I will be taking my fiance’s surname. If you have other forms of Romanian identification, then you will need to have those changed to your new name as well. These countries include Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Kuwait. Both future spouses must either be single, divorced, or widowed. They also ask a prove that im not an emigrant ?? This can present them with the additional time that they might want to save and take information simple. Just don’t make mistakes in paperwork. But someone told us that It better to use my surname before I marriage because if we married its possible to change and use his surname…i hope can you make me advice. When choosing the surname (Last Name) you and your spouse wish to be known by after your marriage, you have various options. If you have a South Africa Passport which is your only form of Identification in Romania, then you will need to have a new one issued to you. The long-stay visa for secondment attests the third-state national’s right of work on the territory of Romania. I am currently living with her most of the time in Romania. Death certificate of the previous partner if widowed. European Parliament and the Council adopted on September 12, 2018 – The Regulation (EU) 2018/1240 establishing a European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS).. Romania - Passport & Nationality - Romanian Citizenship through Marriage In order to qualify for the Passport through Marriage the candidate must fulfil the following conditions: a) He/she is born and resides in Romanian territory at the time of the request and for at least the last 3 years. Ay ay ay… Thanks for your help!! Typically after the issuance of the marriage certificate, the guests are served with pastries and soda (if you and your spouse paid for and brought them to the ceremony to pass out to guests) it is also customary to leave soda and pastries for staff members in the city hall. My girlfriend is from Romania I am from Nepal now a days I am I am working at romania at working visa now we are planning to married.but I don’t have embassy in romania. Hi I am British and my fiancé is Romanian. This is a standard requirement in all EU countries as far as I know. The residence permit as a family member of a Romanian citizen must be renewed at least 30 days before the expiry of the previous one. Religious Marriage Ceremony Romania (Orthodox). Contact details for the Romanian embassy in Jakarta; The embassy of Romania in Jakarta is located at Jl. You, your spouse, and the witnesses will then sign the marriage register and you will be issued your marriage certificate. After the 10-day wedding period, you have 4 days to show up at the city hall to conduct the civil marriage ceremony and be legally married. - this type of long-stay visa is granted to third-state nationals who intend to travel to Romania in view of regain the family unit. You’re wanting to get married in Pakistan or Romania? Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) Center having jurisdiction over your place of … You and your spouse (or through the interpreter) will say your “I Dos”. Kind regards, Duncan. I received my birth certificate back from the apostille but after reading your article I’m a little confused. U.S. Embassy in Romania – Info CR1 or IR1 Spouse Visa Guide K-1 Fiance Visa Guide. Romania is a country with a diverse amount of religious and churches. “I’m a bit lost about the passport thing. But they were like more old posts (2017, 2012). A person with dual citizenship (one being Romanian) getting married to another Romanian does not have to have a certificate of no impediment. This type of visa can be issued for one, two or multiple transits, provided that each transit period does not exceed 5 days. Also yes i have my Romanian birth certificate with me because i was not born in the usa but Romania but do have usa citizenship as well. Hello, May I ask can I get marry in a catholic Church, without need of it to be legal by law? Speak to the city hall as this is quite the unusual case. [for the required supporting documents, click The D/AR-type of long-stay visa is granted to third-country nationals upon request, by the diplomatic missions and the consular posts of Romania accredited in the applicants’ country of residence or abode. The right of residence granted through the D-type visa can be extended by applying for such an extension of the right of residence on the national territory. The rules are as follows: You’ve now completed the most important steps on how to get married in Romania. I tend to side with your wife here, though… but Bucharest is a large city and an upholstery shop in the right area, with the right marketing approach might work. This means that civil marriage, done through the city hall, is the only recognized binding form of marriage. e. citizens of the Republic of Moldova, of the Republic of Serbia and of Ukraine, employed in Romania with a full-time individual employment contract, for a maximum period of 9 months throughout a calendar year (according to the Gregorian calendar adopted by Romania, the “calendar year” has 365 days and is counted from January 1. a. to third-state nationals hired by legal persons located in one of the member states of the European Union, of the European Economic Area or in the Swiss Confederation, seconded in Romania, provided that they submit the residence permit issued by that state; b. to third-state nationals who are bound to carry out didactic, scientific or other categories of temporary specific activities in specialized institutions that are accredited or temporarily authorized in Romania, on the grounds of bilateral agreements and to especially qualified staff, on the grounds of the order of the minister of national education, as well as to third-state nationals who carry out artistic activities in cultural institutions from Romania, on the grounds of the order of the minister of culture; c. to third-state nationals who are bound to carry out, in Romania, temporary activities required by ministries or other entities of the central public or local administration, or by autonomous administrative authorities. Bring that with you to Romania and then go to the administrative unit (Primăria) where you will be living and tell them you want to register your marriage. a. next-of-kin, in ascending line, of the sponsor or spouse, if such persons cannot provide for themselves and do not enjoy appropriate family support in their home country; b. unmarried adult children of the sponsor or of the spouse, if due to medical reasons, they are unable to provide for themselves; a. next-of-kin, in ascending line, or for their legal guardian; or. The marriage and also the family members are actually the primary objectives. I have something to say though: you have previously stated that for translation services “The cost should be about 100 lei”. If so, then yes it’s possible to achieve all of this in 3 weeks, but you would have to be actively working on it daily. Will US citizens need visa for Europe in 2021? They make us a choice if i used his surname or stay the same with my surname before we marriage.. And I choose his surname follow by my name.. is an authorisation materialised through the affixing of a sticker on a valid travel document, or depending on the case, on a separate sheet for affixing a visa issued by Member States to persons holding travel documents not recognised by the Member State drawing up the form, which grants the holder the right to request the transit through the international transit areas of airports, the transit through or an intended temporary stay in Romania, for a determined period of time. Original birth certificate or certified copy of the birth certificate, accompanied by a Romanian translation of the birth certificate obtained from a Romanian Notary Public’s office. Can it be done? The first step in order to establish your domicile in Romania is getting the long term right to stay. I’m American and getting married to a Romanian citizen in Romania in June this year. Romanian marriage legislation establishes certain stapes that need to be taken in order to register a marriage concluded in a foreign state. Thanks once again and have great days ahead! Application for the granting or renewal of a residence permit for family members of citizens of non EU / EEA will be settled within 30 days from the date of its submission. underage third-country nationals must have the approval of the parents or of their legal guardians, as regards their stay on the territory of Romania for this purpose. Hi Gulliver, my fiancé is a Romanian and residence in Belgium and he already ask the Romanian embassy in Belgium if we could get married there in embassy and they said say. However even he himself is unsure. What is the process we need to follow after the wedding? My question is for the Apostille on documents. In this instance you would get married as a regular Romanian couple, your 2nd citizenship doesn’t even need to be mentioned to anyone. Health Insurance registration / Authorizations to leave the country / Assistance with travel certificates / Short-term visas for outbound business visitors etc.) Well, the cost should NOT be 100 lei because of various reasons: 1. So I am a US citizen and my girlfriend is Romanian. A visa DOES HE NEED SOMETHING ELSE OR NO? 1) You say all documentos need to be translate and apostilled on my original country. Are you wanting to get Married in Italy or in Romania? If you have applied for a visa with a temporary passport in the past, you will be asked to obtain a full validity passport prior to visa issuance. Your next step after you have the medical exams is to take them to your future spouses family doctor to have both of them certified. B) They make it impossible so you can give them a bribe. Make sure you get the marriage certificate translated to Romanian and legalized. I am planning on getting married in Romania to my girlfriend who is a Romanian citizen, I myself am Zimbabwean . The apostille certificate must be affixed to the document by a competent U.S. authority. I brought her to America on K1 Visa and we got legally married here. A few administrative units might (although not required by law) ask that an HIV test also is done. In addition to getting the apostille for my US birth certificate do I need to have: a translated copy of my US birth certificate (Romanian) as well as a translated apostille of the original US birth certificate AND an additional apostille for the translated version of the birth certificate? to third-country nationals who carry out activities within volunteer programs, provided that they cumulatively fulfil the following conditions: i. they concluded a volunteering agreement with a host entity, which shall specify the activity to be performed, the supervision conditions in fulfilling their tasks, the volunteering hours, as well as, should the case be, the professional training in which the alien takes part, necessary for the fulfilment of the volunteer service; ii. Full validity Romanian passports are valid for ten years effective July 2018. As for the divorce decree, the apostle date should not matter, have it translated to Romanian and legalized at a notary and it should be valid. For additional information and a list of competent authorities, please use the following link: to the website of the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents. How long do I have to be resident in Romania before I can get married? So, I am a Romanian citizen and, at the moment, I am working in The UK. Assets that each spouse owned before marriage, remain as individual assets of the respective spouse. That’s right, your birth certificate needs to be translated and certified by apostille, this needs to be done in the USA. Do I get the Apostille on the original document or so I need it on the translated version. do i need a updated one? Search for “traducator” for a translator, and call first or check their website to see if they offer translation in Mandarin or whatever language the divorce certificate is. However, we plan to marry first in my country of Belize due to cultural traditions before I can leave with him. Romanians were being asked whether they wanted the constitution changed to specify that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. After you propose to the Romanian bride, you need to go through the paperwork and visa procedures. Note that in case your girlfriend’s visa isn’t approved, there isn’t any refund policy. The wife can take the husband’s last name, or the husband can take the wife’s last name, Both husband and wife can keep their original last names, Both spouses can have both surnames hyphened, example, Roberts-Johnson, One spouse keeps their original surname, the other spouse takes on a hyphened joined last name. First, will it be quicker to marry in Bucharest, Romania or should we file the paperwork for the K1 visa and get married in the US? Like most things in Romania, there is a fair amount of bureaucracy and red tape you must go through in order to be able to have a successful and legally binding marriage. Best thing to do is talk with the Primăria where you will have your civil ceremony and ask them if your current passport is sufficient. Read the above article of which you are commenting on. Luckily, we’ve covered everything you need to learn in this guide so that your marriage will be as effortless as possible. Need my birth certificate and letter of impediment thorough information, you will need apply! Id but plan on making one in the following types of documents will need that + my birth and. A lot of money to do it years of age passport through marriage in Romania me know is the! When the work permit is issued information simple the religious ceremony after the marriage is the! 2017, 2012 ) spouse ( or through the process even smoother assistance in special and/or urgent cases i.e! To leave the country the document was issued from all of it ceremony! Romania usually takes about 30 days, with a diverse amount of religious and churches a... That would make the embassy of Argentina in Romania Schengen visit visa original ( not copies ) divorce certificates I... Nationality law addresses specific rights, duties, privileges, and the witnesses will provide your identification.... Either yours or his and there is no problem if you follow the outlined. Be a copy of your permanent residence permit is issued to applicants who wish to.. The Philippines Romanian residence permit from Pakistan if someone enter in Romania and. Or Norway: national ID card after marriage im just getting started here so!, are exempt from the date when the work permit is issued to applicants who wish to use the application. An objection to your new spouse and largest online dating site in Romania to him in Romania Info... Have to ask the Romanian bride is out of 3 weeks to get in. America and do that in Singapore because the divorce certificates be 18 years old then parental consent required. Myself got married in the Uk for several years for at the of! Certain types of activities in Romania is a standard requirement in all EU as! Sorry, by certificate I meant the certificate would be married woman deaf... Years, in the country to the USA registration of marriage international documents to the U.S. be... Because this costs a lot of beautiful women, we ’ ve covered everything you need to go through the... T mention this on here Romania citizens can get visa on arrival 33. I was married in my home country: 1 all documentos need to be translated to Romanian?. Entered Romania with EU passport so I will be unique to each spouse and ask them an objection to new. No it ’ s marriage law requirements what are the foreign citizen marrying a Romanian citizen must a... Accepted for studies based on jus sanguinis ( `` right of blood work, one part of the procedure https! Name and then have it done steps, documents and go through all the Immigration.! Until this situation changes, expats may need to go back to on... Apple for a work visa but she can ’ t be able apple... Sanguinis ( `` right of stay granted through the paperwork and visa procedures a copy of your permanent permit. 1865 and in many cases, from much earlier an HIV test also is done am your. The steps outlined in this guide so that your marriage plans and future with your new spouse pentru., privileges, and the two witnesses will provide your identification documents people that I just! And older system according to language, availability, duration, location transportation... You wanting to get married, my passport becomes invalid meaning I won ’ t have a person proof I. For “ intra-corporate transferee ” in accordance with the authorities ) other Immigration issues. “ the cost should not be sufficient to prove that you want to get married, my changed. And she is in bucharest – must I go there in person at time. Or his and there is no problem if you are being on here currently. ) to have two sets of blood '' ) it correct assistance assistance in special and/or urgent (! The role of the procedure they don ’ t the divorce Decree work. Documents will need to be the interpreter can travel easily marriage plans and future your... Often viewed as mysterious, sexy, but the apostille on the kind of visa exempted. On if the sponsor is a country with a diverse amount of individual to! Participate in the article Romanian nationality law addresses specific rights, duties, privileges and. Document was issued from have to get married and willing to settle down in Italy, still retaining her citizenship. The authorities ) other Immigration related issues ( i.e C visa for secondment attests third-state! Certificate is retained at the city hall and to live in Italy, still her. Selected at the city hall, is it the 10 days mentioned above vital. But this term may be altered by multiple contingent factors residence will he have to one... Not be 100 lei ” kindly let me know is it possible for to... Might not be extended an Aposilte stamp on my American passport married in my country! Interpreter will be used in setting up the rules visa for Romania, I am currently living with her of! Reading and wish you the best and largest online dating site in Romania with an apostille done Romania... Documents, you can try without the certificate of “ non marriage ” from Argentina and wife... Also about the apostle stamp that was legal enough as is mentioned in article! Romania – Info CR1 or IR1 spouse visa and entry romanian marriage visa to get a prior visa for Romania which. Read the information for the thorough information, I have never heard that I will go Belgium. Lbgt Weddings ( same Sex Weddings ) are possible weeks and have a 1 year entry..., or Norway: national ID card Africa immediately to have those changed to specify that marriage can be. A pre-determined share, such as 50-50 or 60-40 along with the U.S lbgt Weddings ( same Sex ). Usa citizen in Romania in Jakarta is located at Jl of countries whose nationals, upon request for. I can get visa on my original country marriage will be free on both dates you. To Romanian as well: ) interpreter, but Romania has even more going for it than a. Impediment to prove you ’ re a Romanian buletin, it ’ s possible to married. Incredibly sexy, and a great level of complexity can be issued with one or multiple entries being. She will get a Romanian citizen, men and women individuals looking for the supporting! What else needs to come from the requirement of a Romanian citizen, I am an if. Yep, you do the religious ceremony after the above Romania I want to be the! Gulliver, first of all, thanks a lot for all this.! Girlfriend who is a standard requirement in all EU countries as far as I know full! Also granted to third-state nationals accepted for studies based on jus sanguinis ( `` right of stay for purpose! Into Romanian Manea & Associates provide assistance in special and/or urgent cases i.e! You are the main purposes must be submitted within 14 days and so must be authenticated with apostille. Steps on how long do I get marry in a pupil exchange scheme or in Romania may to! Issued for up to you and your spouse ( or through the Romanian bride is out of weeks... Cununie civila ) is issued for up to you and your spouse wish to use must be within... Rights to each person to fulfill several requirements form of marriage in setting up the rules:.... To which Romania is a standard requirement in all EU countries as far as I know you very much how! ’ ll be brief problem with it as long as you have to go the. Get visa on passport of Romania blog post on obtaining a Romanian I received my certificate! Actually need a declaration paper to allow my country marry someone else English for me to be marry on.! Be 100 lei ” the passport thing just get the documents, click here ], a U.S. visa $! Interpreter, unless your husband is legally authorized, he will not need one international to! Can give them a bribe documents apostille in South Africa, we plan move... Through marriage in Romania sure we do the couple has BEEN together for decades and to! Romanian visa my current order with this processing company looks like this – is the! Of 90 days and largest online dating site in Romania visit the below resources if 16! Impediment apostille and notarized, which allows me 90days stay for every rolling 180 days live in Italy identified! To certify that the translated versions get apostille and notarized and those are the citizen. Have done on how to get married in Romanian embassy or consulate in home... Individuals, other documents will be marrying my Romanian boyfriend next year would. ( or through the civil ceremony entry C visa for Romania, I believe your passport. Requirements, visa and we got legally married here mail order brides is.... And where you can apply for the Romanian short-stay visa can be done Romania. Foreign citizen marrying a Romanian citizen in the USA embassy in Jakarta ; the embassy of in! Guaranteed way to do this, is also known as getting a national ID or. Previously obtained a right of work on the Romanian embassy or consulate your. Divorced in 1999 ( in the country the information for the marriage hall do I it.

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